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Britech Rubber Grommets

Briteh Rubber Grommets Art

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Britech is one of the larger suppliers of rubber grommets in the USA today. We have been manufacturing and distributing rubber grommets for over twenty five years. We make grommets of many different compounds, sizes and shapes. If you require a special color, a unique compound with unusual properties or a special size contact Britech's customer care about custom molds. We can modify stock grommets to save you the cost of new tooling and can make molds of custom parts for you to test on your applications. If you can't find your grommet on this website or in our stock catalog we can make it for you. Britrch has made many custom grommets for our customers with total satisfaction and timely delivery. If you require split grommets; all grommets can supplied with straight, tangent, or diagonal splits. Tell us your requirements and we will stock it locally for on time as you need it delivery.

How to use Britech's Grommet Finder

Our on-line grommet finder is organized to sort by each of the key dimensions from small to large. One or two key dimensions usually will determine choice of grommet. Select your key dimension to display rubber grommets using your chosen dimension. Look in the appropriate column for your dimension and you will find the remaining dimensions and the part number.

Key Dimensions

A - Bore Diameter Go to grommets sorted by bore diameter
B -
Groove Width Go to grommets sorted by groove width
C -
Groove Diameter Go to grommets sorted by groove diameter
D -
Outside Diameter Go to grommets sorted by out diameter
E -
Overall Thickness Go to grommets sorted by overall thickness

Rubber Grommet Key Dimensions

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