Britech Seals and Gaskets

Seals & Gaskets: Britech seal extrusions meet original equipment manufacturer and fabricator specifications for a multitude of seal and gasket applications.

In - service applications are evaluated to determine the best and most cost effective polymer for your requirements Our Rubber Seals and Gaskets are available in a variety of compounds. Among them are EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Dense, Recovery Sponge Rubber, and Silicone.


It's Important to Know the Conditions

When attaching your gaskets, you will need some type of adhesive or grip to hold your gasket in place. Whether you choose to attach the gasket by mechanical means (screws) or by a permanent adhesive will depend on your specific circumstances.

It is critical that you communicate all conditions that may apply to your specific needs. Heat, moisture, type of surface, painted or unpainted, weather conditions and other factors all will play a part in how well a specific bonding agent will work. Britech can only make suggestions based on the information we receive from you.

There are many different adhesives available because there are a multitude of surfaces to which gaskets must be applied. It is important to select the right adhesive for the job and for the particular gasket material being used. That's why it is so important to let your Britech specialist suggest the correct adhesive method for your specific application. Bonding Silicone Rubber is an area of specialized adheasives that we also have available.

Acrylic or Rubber Based PSA Adhesive?

Acrylic and rubber based PSA adhesives are normally used to hold the gasket in place before the gasket is more permanently attached by mechanical fasteners. Acrylic adhesives work best on painted or fiberglass surfaces. Rubber based adhesives work better on aluminum, bare metal and stainless steel.

3M™ (ST) Sealing Tape.

Recently, Britech introduced the revolutionary new 3M™ (ST) Sealing Tape. Britech uses high tech heat laminating equipment to thermally bond the new tape to an extruded seal or gasket part. The thermo process ensures a strong, reliable bond of the adhesive based tape to the gasket. A removable liner protects the adhesive until the gasket is ready to be applied.

To apply, you simply peel off the liner and press the gasket part into place. The part is easy to align and stays in place during application. You can securely attach gaskets to almost any surface without the expense or work of mechanical fasteners or messy contact adhesives. It's easy to see why more manufacturers request this product to be applied to their gaskets.

Call our Customer Service Department today and find out why all the progressive manufacturers are praising the benefits of switching to 3M™ (ST) sealing tapes on their gaskets and seals.

Secondary Manufacturing Procedures

Die Cutting

Foam and rubber sheets can be die cut to fit irregular shapes. Gasket materials used around automotive style lights, for example, often need to be hand cut requiring valuable time. Britech can complete this process by die cutting the shape and reducing valuable labor costs.

Cutting and Notching

If you need to facilitate the forming of a gasket. you often need to make special cuts for relief points, notches and holes. This takes time and effort. Britech can make these cuts or drill those holes for you, saving both time and money.

Cut to Specific Lengths

Do you need the extruded rubber gasket cut to a specific length? Don't hand measure out each piece. Britech can do it much more efficiently. saving you time and money.

Cold Glue Splicing

Several methods of splicing using a variety of adhesives give you the flexibility of fitting the gasket to your specific needs. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Butt Splice - used for fabricating endless gaskets where there is limited or no strain on the splice.

Corner Splice - used to form gaskets of special configurations. They provide a satisfactory static seal where the splice is not under strain.

Notched 90° Corner.

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