Molded Rubber Parts

Britech Applications for Molded Rubber Products

Britech Industries is a leader in the field of molded rubber parts. Our array of products covers the full spectrum of rubber produced components.

Molded Parts

Rubber Grommets Page

Britech Industries’ grommets are carefully produced using the specific dimensions of bore diameter, groove width, groove diameter, outside dimensions, and wall thickness, the key factors in grommet production and quality.

Rubber Bumpers

Rounded, doughnut, flat top bumpers. Though Britech Industries has a wide array of bumper sizes, we are more than willing to challenge our engineers to produce a bumper that exactly fits your demands.

Britech Rubber Washers

Washers – Of all the varieties of rubber products, washers are the most common. Britech Industries lathe cut parts are precisely manufactured with a high degree of accuracy in regard to the outer and inner diameters and dimensions.

Rubber Stoppers and Tips
Lab Stopper

Britech Industries realizes that materials produced for a laboratory situation have to meet exacting standards. Our stoppers are produced from 40 durometer natural rubber to meet the most demanding laboratory requirements.

Rubber Stoppers and Tips
Rubber Tips

Britech Industries rubber tips are manufactured in a variety of sizes and colors that include black, white, or gray. Depending how they will be used, they can be ordered for heavy duty or contemporary use.

Britech Rubber End Caps
End Caps

As with all of Britech Industries’ products our end caps are produced to exacting standards and form a perfect seal with a variety of metals or plastic whether you are using PVC or steel piping.

Rubber Suction Cups
Suction Cups

Britech Industries’ suction cups form a tight seal when placed on a flat surface. Using the finest production processes, our rubber producing equipment manufactures suction cups that are smooth and flawless that will attach and stay firm. They can be used with any type of device for a variety of applications.

Customer Service

Britech has many ways to accommodate your needs. We have many items on our stock list; i.e. parts stocked and available to ship in one or two days. We also have access to many "standard" molds; readily available for production in standard materials saving you the expense and time necessary for new tooling. If one of Britech's parts would meet your requirements with some modifications we recommend "custom standard". Standard parts can be made in special compounds and colors. Britech can also cut, splice or grind standard items to adapt them to your needs. "Custom" parts require a new mold. Contact customer service for additional details about custom dies and molds.

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