Plastic Extrusion Profiles

Foundation of Plastic Extrusion

Plastic extrusion is an old process that has been used with several types of materials for many years. Britech Industries founded its business on the extrusion process. The foundation of extruding is a profile that is produced by forcing molten plastic through a die. The production and creation of a die depends on the design and type of part required.

Plastic extrusion parts collage

Die Designs for Profiles

Dies can be designed to manufacture a wide range of profiles.

Britech Industries maintains a huge volume of dies that can include hollow or solid forms. Tubing, window frames, and vehicle door seals are a few of the types of plastic extrusion profiles that are available. A profile can have thick or thin walls and have complex intricate designs. This is one of the attractions of the extrusion process.

Pipe and Tubing Profiles

Pipe and tubing profiles are often classified separately. They are produced in large volume to meet required and precise specifications. The cross section, or profile, is rounded and can be of any diameter and thickness. A round profile is rigid because of the material used, which can vary from vinyl to various other forms of plastic. An advantage of hollow profiles is that they are flexible and pliable making them easy to handle and install.

Advantages of the Extrusion Process

The extrusion process has the advantage of producing highly complex profiles that can be adjusted for unique applications. These specially designed plastic extrusion profiles are engineered from the specifications established by a customer’s production requirements. They can vary from extremely small shapes with intricate designs to large forms. Britech Industries can manufacture plastic extrusion profiles that have a tight interlock and fit into a variety of spaces. There are very few limitations to the types of profiles that can be created.

As the profile is extruded, it is cut to exactly fit the length and size required.

These requirements are outlined during the planning process, which allows the customer to see what they will receive. The key to the process is the creation of the profile so that it matches a customer’s vision.

Britech Industries has been recognized for its ability to produce plastic extrusion profiles that meet highly demanding and precise specifications. It is the quality of our work that has made has a world leader in extrusion profiles.

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