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Britech Ribbed Stock & Cord Stock

Rubber Extrusions: Closed cell sponge extrusions are available in standard and custom dies. EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile and Silicone compounds are available. (Note Die ID Key, below indicating make up of stock dies.) The extrusions are available in continuous lengths and intricate profile shapes, but can be cut to length to meet your specifications. Our vulcanizing service offers you the option to shape the extrusion to meet your application around windows, doors and other seal requirements.

Die Identification Key

E = EPDM N = Neoprene NT = Nitrile D = Dense S= Sponge Rubber

Britech Ribbed Stock
Ribbed Stock (4)
Part # A B
113 E S .375 .188
1076 E S .334 .137
1152 E S White .375 .133
1152 E S Black .375 .133
Ribbed Stock
Ribbed Stock (5)
Part # A B
103 E S .625 .375
1083 E S .625 .312
2613 E S White .625 .375
2897 E S .500 .312
2897 E S White .500 .312
5984 E S .563 .315
9303 S .625 .372
Britech Cord Stock
Cord Stock
Part # A
121 E S .0940
6500 N S .5000
6507 N S .3750
6510 N S .6250
6554 N S .2500
6558 N S .1410
6564 N S .1875
6632 ES .0800
9501 S .3300
Cord Stock 150 Cord Stock 215 Cord Stock 3161

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